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Oklahoma State University

Housing Services

Services Offered to Students at Oklahoma State University

We are proud to announce a new partnership with a national student service organization, USS Inc, to bring to campus many new and exciting services that will help improve your living and learning experience.  These services include:

  • Express Move-in:  Have professionals unload your car and carry your items to your room on move-in day.  Avoid the heat and enjoy the campus.
  • Water:  This program includes cooler rental and delivery of 5-gal jugs every other week (approx 3 jugs per month). Perfect way to reduce you water costs to the equivalent of $.29 per 16 oz bottle of water. Planet friendly solution to share with your roommate
  • MicroFridges®:  Rent an Energy Star Rated 3-in-1 appliance with spacious refrigerator, powerful microwave and just one plug in.  OSU endorses the MicroFridge® unit due to its Safe Plug® circuit protection that helps prevent circuit overload and because it uses less energy.
  • Lofts:  Tested for up to 1,000 lbs, the "Standard Loft" uses the mattress and spring frame of your existing bed and assembles in less than 15 minutes.
  • Laundry Program: A Fluff and Fold Laundry service where students drop off laundry at specific locations and we wash it, dry it, fold it & bundle it for pick up 2 days later.
  • Bathroom Cleaning: A thorough bathroom cleaning every other week to include a full cleaning of toilet, shower, faucets and mopping of floor. Share with your roommates!

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Regular Sheets Won’t Fit All Campus Beds!

View of full bedding and linen sets in decorated dorm room

Many of our campus beds are specially-sized, too long for regular sheets from home.  To solve this problem each year and avoid short-sheeting, we’ve arranged for a manufacturer, Our Campus Market, to reserve one set of custom, first-quality linens for each student through this Residence Hall Linens Program.  We can offer special student pricing and free shipping on discounted “everything you need” Value Paks.

If you will be living in Kerr-Drummond, Wentz, Parker, Iba, Stout, or Bennett Halls, or a two bedroom unit in Allen, Jones, Patchin, or Zink Suites, you will have an extra long mattress. Proceeds from the sale benefit the Residence Halls Association (RHA).

You can call Our Campus Market to order your sheets at 1-800-957-4338 or
Shop for linens, bedding, and more online!

Diploma Display

A diploma signifies more than a degree – it symbolizes all the hard work, fun, and achievement of a graduate's college years. Preserve it for a lifetime with one of our imported hardwood frames. Each Diploma Display is custom crafted to fit the diploma from your student's educational institution. Your order includes conservation-quality double matting to provide unsurpassed protection against harmful light and heat. Because each frame is custom cut, each diploma can be easily inserted into the frame for a perfect fit. This allows diplomas to be displayed immediately without having to be sent out for expensive and time-consuming framing.  
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Care Packages

Oklahoma State University participates in the Collegiate Welcome Care Package Program that is offered at the beginning of the academic year.  Parents have the opportunity to send useful and fun items to first-year students.  The Final Exams Care Package Program coincides with end-of-the-term final exams.  The program offers parents a variety of food packages that can be sent to their students with special personalized messages during this important time of year.  Look for mailings or
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