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Oklahoma State University

Moving In: Before You Arrive

Students preparing before they arrive to OSU reslife home.The scene at OSU on move-in day, cars lined up and students unpacking.

There are several things to do prior to your arrival on campus.  

Please take a few minutes and complete these important steps to save time on move in day. 

Before you Arrive

  • Emergency Contact Information: Please complete the Emergency Contact Form on your account prior to checking in.  Use your Okey log In/Password to access account.  This form must be completed PRIOR to picking up your keys.  
  • Loft Beds: The only loft beds permitted on campus are those available from University Student Services. No homemade or other prefabricated lofts are permitted. Please visit the University Student Services website to learn more about their loft bed program.
  • Handbook: The Housing and Residential Life Handbook provides a thorough overview of the Policies and Procedures of the Department, and contains many helpful hints including severe weather precautions. Please take time to review it prior to your arrival.   
  • Parking Permit: If you have not purchased your OSU parking permit, please go to, click on the "purchase permit" link and follow the instructions to order a permit. You will be able to print a temporary permit you can park with immediately after.  
  • Insurance: Consider purchasing renter’s insurance to protect your personal belongings. The University provides coverage in limited circumstances, such as when the University is directly responsible for damages. In the event of inclement weather, theft, and other circumstances, residents are responsible for any damages that may occur to their personal property. You can also check with the providers of your family’s home owner’s insurance, as it may be covered under their policy. 
  • Packing:  Review the packing checklist.  A few other tips:
    • Label everything clearly: clothes, towels, kitchen, books, etc. Put your name, residence hall and room number on your containers. 
    • Pack belongings in bins or storage totes, and be sure to label them clearly. These are easy to carry, and can be used throughout the year to store your things. If you use boxes, be sure they have handles. And don’t overload them – you may have to carry them up several flights of stairs!
    • If you are bringing storage drawers, be sure to tape or secure the drawers before moving them. This saves lots of spills and clean ups!
    • Pack an overnight bag with your essentials. You may not get everything unpacked the first day. This overnight bag will allow you to get comfortable, get a good night’s sleep, and be fresh to continue unpacking the next day.
    • Pack your clothes on hangers.  You can gather them in trash bags, and when you move in, the hangers go right into the closet. 

Important Move-In Links