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Oklahoma State University

Settling In

You have moved in, and now is the time to decorate your new home away from home. We want you to create a comfortable place to relax, study, and rest. Please follow these hints to make your first week in the halls a memorable one.

  • Decorating your Room: We want your room to be comfortable and express your individual style and personality.
    • Please use 3M Brand Command Strips to hang items on your wall. Please follow all printed instructions for proper installation and weight limits. Please leave all Command Strips in place once you install them. Any damage done by the improper installation and/or removal of Command Strips may be charged to the resident. Poster Putty is another acceptable method of hanging items. Please do not use nails or other tacks.
    • Please refrain from hanging or affixing anything to sprinkler heads or any pipes in your room.
    • Please utilize the furniture that is present in your room/unit. All furniture must remain the unit, unless prior approval has been given.
  • Welcome Week: There will be many events held the week you move into the residence halls.  Be sure and check out the schedule at OSU's Welcome Week website.
  • Internet Access: Residential Life provides access to a robust Ethernet and Wi-Fi network for internet access.  We currently offer Wi-Fi coverage in all living areas (with the exception of Drummond where Wi-Fi is only available in the lounges).
    • In accordance with University Network Policy, devices other than computers, servers, and workstations, must not be plugged into any network port.  This includes, but is not limited to: hubs, switches, repeaters, routers, network modems and wireless access points. These devices may be incorrectly configured or incompatible with the OSU Network causing outages and reliability problems to all or part of the network. 
    • Personal wireless routers, hubs, switches, and repeaters are not allowed on the network. 
    • For any device that supports WPA2-Enterprise encryption (laptops, cellphones, and tablets), connect to the OSUSTUDENT network with your Okey login. If your device does not support WPA2-Enterprise encryption (smart TV's, Game Consoles, E-readers, etc...), you can register the device to connect to the unencrypted OSURESLIFE network and following the instructions.  OSURESLIFE is unencrypted, so it should ONLY be used for devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise encryption, and therefore, will not work on the OSUSTUDENT network.
  • Cable Television: OSU provides expanded basic cable television to all rooms. The signal is digital, so research your television’s tuner and if it is analog you may need a digital converter (DTA).  To obtain a DTA or to sign up for additional programming, visit the Suddenlink office at 802 E 6th Street from 8am-5pm during the week.  DTA are also available at many large electronic retailers.  If you are having problems with your cable, complete the Cable Problem Report Form   For any other issues, visit Maintenance Services.
  • Computer Support: Residential Life offers free computer support to residents who live on campus.  If you need help connecting devices to the network, have problems with viruses/malware, or have a hardware problem with your laptop or desktop computer, visit the RCC Office located at 110 Scott Hall.  During the Fall and Spring semesters, the RCC Office Hours of operation are M-F 9am-7pm.

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